Digitization Services

Zissor offers a complete service package for digitizing newspaper and magazine archives.

We can scan from both microfilm and paper and we have done millions of pages for different publishers who wanted to digitize their complete archives.

We have a lot of experience in this particular field, and we know what obstacles that might arise. Our knowledge paired with our unique software assures you as a client to get the best possible result from your digitization project.

Digitizing your archive is something you should do only once. Do it right the first time. In addition to digitizing the scans we also include digitizing your PDF's to the same format so that you get a uniform archive in JPG, PDF and XML. All formats are flexible for your needs so that you can choose your own Portal for search and view in addition to including it in your internal archive for the journalists.

Why digitize your historic newspaper or magazine archive?

  1. Protect your newspaper name and build your reputation – “we are the owners of the news” in our region
  2. Protect it from fire, flooding, vandalism, and theft - Take care of the unique history of your newspaper/magazine archive
  3. Save time -  invaluable tool for journalists to do research
  4. “New journalism” with a searchable digital archive – new approach and new angles
  5. Increase the number of digital subscribers – to be able to search archive online the reader needs a digital user
  1. Increase reading time on your website – increased time spent = more online advertisement possibilities
  2. Attract the “older generation” – traditionally only interested in the paper – now interested in digital historic archive to search for themselves, family members and local events
  3. Attract the younger generation – traditionally not so interested in traditional press – now interested in searching the archive for family members and in school projects
  4. Social media approach - use your digital archive actively on your newspaper Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram/LinkedIn page to attract new readers
  5. Increase the number of subscribers by offering a new product
  6. Avoid churn by giving your subscribers more for their money

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