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We provide world leading newspaper digitization software development and services and media monitoring solutions to our clients in Scandinavia and beyond.

Since joining Novian group of companies in April 2019, we have also supplemented our portfolio with software development and IT infrastructure services and solutions. Novian companies have been helping public and private sector organisations to digitise their services, optimise their IT resources and ensure their critical IT availability at all times since 1989. Therefore, we can now offer faster deployment of new technologies and functionalities to our clients.

We are a group of dedicated people who always put their clients first and emphase process automation. We provide 24/7 support and have clients all over the world using our software 365 days a year. Our oldest and most loyal client has been up and running since May 2000, non-stop (20 years!).

We have started our product development in 1997 and Zissor was established in 2000 in Drammen, nearby Norway’s capital city Oslo. In April 2019, Zissor has been acquired by Novian - a group of IT services and software companies, owned by INVL Technology.


Years on the international market.


Newspaper and magazine pages digitized using our software every week.

We are a part of Novian group

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