Archive Digitization Software

Zissor Archive Digitization Software is the complete solution for digitizing newspaper and magazine archives.

The Zissor Archive Digitization Software is used by libraries, archive institutions and publishers who want to digitize their publications archive for preservation and to make them available to public in a searchable form.

Zissor has a long track record in optimizing the OCR and segmentation process in both quality and performance - specialized for newspapers and magazines - for modern daily publications as well as for cultural heritage publications.

We also have efficient tools for quality control and editing when needed.

The Zissor Archive Digitization Software is also used by service bureaus that want to include archive digitization in their offering.


Zissor Archive Digitization Software includes advanced segmentation and flexible export functionality for quality production and delivering

Zissor Archive Digitization Software is a flexible and highly automated digitization system scaling from small number of pages to high volumes.

Samples of some included functionality:

  • Indexing of scans from paper, microfilm or from PDF in different imaged format¬†
  • OCR - including Gothic /Fraktur text
  • Automatic article segmentation and metadata extraction
  • Efficient tools for quality control and editing when needed
  • Output in several file formats as JPG, searchable PDF, plus XML - all in flexible formats and layout, including several XML standards.¬†

Advanced Article Segmentation and metadata extraction

Automated segmentation and metadata extraction. Tools for easy and quality control of segmentation and OCR text


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