High Performance Computing

Novian company BAIP has been implementing and upgrading high performance computing systems since 2011.

High-performance computing solutions enable to analyse trillions of data per second, which is hundreds of thousands of times more than the capacity of a traditional laptop. These technologies today are no longer a luxury, a dream, or a qualitative exclusivity for the future. The possibilities of supercomputing have become easily accessible and intensely applied in a wide range of human activities. Preconditions for advances in science and other human activities unimaginable before have emerged.

For example, thanks to high-performance computing machines, the weather forecast today is more accurate than ever, and climate change research and modelling work is seamless and comprehensive. Modelling climate change is a major challenge for scientists around the world, requiring the processing of huge amounts of atmospheric, oceanic, geological, flora and fauna data at various time periods and at different scales, in order to produce an accurate model, measure the long-term impact of human activity. High-performance computing devices contribute directly to the preservation of our planet and of mankind in this sense.

“High-performance computing systems are no longer just a tool used by universities and research institutions, but they are becoming increasingly widespread in other areas such as the implementation and sale of products for companies in the banking sector, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL). It is obvious that the applicability of high-performance computing systems in business, science and other fields is rapidly expanding, and in the future we are expecting a breakthrough in similar projects in Lithuania and around the world”

Rėdas Šimelis, head of BAIP Technological Solutions division


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