Zissor Media System

Zissor Media System is a complete end to end solution for production of press clippings. Input can be Scans in Tiff or JPG, direct PDF import or XML. Output can be JPG, PDF and XML - all in flexible formats and layouts. ZMS is a System containing many programs working in parallel to make the production as efficient as possible.

Some of the programs are: Media Publications; where you have all publication data, Customer Agreement; where you have all clients including keywords, publications to be monitored and distribution agreement, Media Read; where the reader monitor the systems findings on the screen with all keywords and client agreements highlighted on the page, AutoClipper; automatically cuts all articles smaller than A4, Manual clipper; for manually clipping the larger articles and the Distribution Program; taking care of the automated distribution via e-mail, printer, fax, web, and xml.

In addition to all this in the production we have a Billing module where you get all invoicing data in the format you need for charging your customers. There's also a lot of information stored in the database that you can use for Media Analysis, and we have a few pre-generated report templates that you can use. We will also guide you in creating new reports from the database.