A few examples of Zissor projects and installations

Hamar Arbeiderblad (a regional newspaper in Norway) digitized their entire newspaper archive in 2012. We at Zissor handled the whole project. We received 13 tons of paper at our scanning partner office - approx 700 bound books from 1924 till 2007. Then we cut out all pages from the books for optimal scanning results - approx 700.000 pages. We then scanned all pages, indexed with metadata, performed our special OCR with automatically generated articles and produced images and XML which we delivered to Hamar Arbeiderblad on portable disks. This was all done in 5 months - 150.000 pages per month. Please contact us for reference details if you would like to speak to someone at Hamar Arbeiderblad.

La Stampa, a large newspaper from Torino in Italy were digitized using Zissor Content System. Our partner in Italy used our software to OCR, automatically generate articles and to manually tag more than 22 million articles from 2,1 million pages from 1867 up till 2010. There were 5 check-points and tagging points for each article - this means that this project involved more than 100 million manual taggings. This was done in the Zissor software, and all metadata were exported to a specially designed XML for this particular project. The scans were done from microfilm. The archive can be found here >>

Riksarkivet MKC in Fränsta, Sweden has installed Zissor Content System for their digitization of old Swedish newspapers. On a daily basis up to 50.000 pages are digitized with OCR and automatic article recognition by the use of Zissor software. Riksarkivet MKC performs the scanning themselves. Please contact us for reference details if you would like to speak to someone at Riksarkivet about our system.

Gorkana Group (previously known as Durrants) in UK has been using Zissor Media System for their production of press clippings since May 2000. Since then, more than 240 million pages has been processed in our software. They use our software for indexing the paper into the system, OCR, article recognition, extraction of metadata, search for relevant keywords for their clients, clipping relevant articles electronically and fully automated distribution to end client. The system has been running 24/7 for more than 13 years. Please contact us for reference details if you would like to speak to someone at Gorkana about our system.