From paper to digital - for media monitoring and archives

Zissor is a world leading company in newspaper digitization software and services. Based in Norway our focus has always been to automate as much as possible in all our processes. All together we have more than 60 years of experience with newspaper digitization in our company since we started this product development in 1997.

We are a small group of dedicated people who always put the client first. We provide 24/7 support and have clients all over the world using our software 365 days a year. Our longest running client have been up and running since May 2000, non-stop. Every week more than 1 million newspaper- and magazine pages are digitized using our software.

We have three main business areas which you can read more about under each product tab below:

Zissor Media System (ZMS)

Zissor Media System is a complete end to end solution for production of press clippings.

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Zissor Content System (ZCS)

Zissor Content System is a complete end to end solution for digitizing newspaper archives.

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Zissor Digitization Services (ZDS)

Zissor together with partners offer a complete service package for digitizing newspaper and magazine archives.

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